Anatolian Coast,With an eye on our ancestors:

After the pause forced by the pandemic, Las Desideratas have resumed our journeys. We had a pending subject: Visit the ancient colonies of the Greeks who founded Empúries.
The route between Troy and Antalya on the shores of the Aegean, places coveted by Persians, Romans, Etruscans, Ottomans... homeland of Olympian Gods and Goddesses, Philosophers, sculptors, architects...
We have contemplated the beauty of its marbles, we have checked the acoustics of its theaters and we have relaxed in its hot springs like authentic “Patricians”.

We attest to the hospitality, generosity, loyalty and honesty of its people.

Bursa: Iskender Kebab.
Kusadasi: Site of Ephesus.
Aphrodisias and Hierapolis: the temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite, the tetrapylon and the Sebasteion of the Julia Family, without forgetting the best stadium.
In Hierapolis, the most impressive “frons scaenae” I have ever seen and the famous Cotton Castles.

Antalya: located on a cliff on the Turquoise coast. Ataturk himself considered it to be the most beautiful city in the world. Hadrian's Gate reminds us of its famous past.
Nearby we have the “Side” nursery, notable for the Temple of Apollo on the same beach.

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  • Hola me encantaron esas túnicas de seda
    Quiero !!!
    Cuánto valen?

    Marcela Ascui
  • Precioso! Enhorabuena, viajeras, seguid vuestro rumbo


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