When you hear Turkey Shopping comes to mind, but Turkey is much more than this. This country has a strategic and privileged location . Since Antiquity it has always been coveted by other cultures and Alexander the Great himself turned it into Greek colonies.

It is fantastic to travel along the Anatolian Coast , discovering all the cities of the great scientists and philosophers of Greek and Roman culture. Another option is to sail through the turquoise waters aboard a Schooner and swim on the beach where Mark Antony and Cleopatra were. Trip in a balloon, discovering Cappadocia, a work of Nature , which according to some hypotheses could have inspired Gaudí himself.

But what suits us is Istanbul: If the World were a single State, Istanbul would be its capital. Dixit, Napoleon.

Istanbul is Mosques, Palaces, cisterns, aqueducts, Hippodrome, minarets, Bosphorus, bazaars... Located between two continents and wrapped in a magical and irresistible magnetism, which seduces everyone who steps on it.

We like to watch the sunsets with the sun reflecting off the Golden Horn and hiding behind the minarets.

You can't leave without taking a bath in Çimberlitas, without eating at El Pandeli and at night discovering the most glamorous Istanbul at The Sunset Grill.

You can smoke a shisha, eat a mackerel sandwich on the Galata Bridge, make coffee on the banks of the Bosphorus in an old palace, today Hotel Çiragan.

But the most important thing is to burn the Visa in The Grand Bazaar.


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