India is the land of a thousand colors, of Chaos, of smiles, of the Maharajas…. They say that you either hate India or you fall in love. We love India.

Throughout History India has been a coveted place from Alexander the Great to the British Empire. In India you receive a large amount of stimuli on the one hand you will see some disabled or poor people asking for money, you turn your gaze and a Great Hindu Temple rises before you, full of luxury. On the other hand , you constantly hear the cry of someone who wants you to buy them some object , at the same time you will smell food that they are cooking and you will taste an air impregnated with spices…. India is not visited, it is lived.


Beyond the Taj Mahal: result of a beautiful and tragic story of Love. A sublime work that only a soul in love is capable of offering, we have countless Temples, Forts, Palaces, Mosques... all of them of sublime exquisiteness, mixtures of different styles. But one of the attractions of India is the richness of its silks, cashmeere, hemp, kanthas, and jewelry.

Recommendations: Tour of Rajasthan, visiting Jaipur, Jodpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Chitaurgarr...Further to the South, one of the cities with the most British flavor, Mumbai, and in the North, Delhi and Agra.

The most spiritual India is the one we have yet to see: Varinasi


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