Traveling to this North African country means entering a world of mystery, exoticism, changing and enigmatic. A melting pot of flavors, smells...,

It is a place close in km and distant from our monotonous reality. The destination par excellence is Marrakech, the Red City full of Riads, souks, snake charmers, jugglers who turn its Square into the busiest place in the city.

It offers the visitor: Art, gastronomy, crafts, culture, dancing, shopping...but if you go, don't miss a good Hamann, a meal at La Terrasse des épices, a tea at the Hotel Royal Al Mansour, recreates an ancient Moroccan city mix perfect sophistication and technology.

A must visit to La Mamounia and, above all, stroll through the labyrinthine streets of its Medina.

Morocco has the privilege of having: desert, beach, mountains... There is no greater pleasure than contemplating a starry sky in a desert dune, or discovering in the Rif mountains the town of 1000 shades of blue, Chaouen, or walking through the Kasbah of Tangier, city where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet.


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  • Los viajes,son las experiencias que vivimos y sentimos,es curioso como es el olor,y el color,al recordarlo en nuestra mente.
    África,es maravillosa!!!


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