Our business philosophy is based on the journey and tracing of craftsmanship.
After two difficult and atypical years we have been able to resume our little odysseys.
Traveling to Nepal is reaching the roof of the world, those giant peaks that are camouflaged with the clouds in the Kathmandu Valley. The capital and its neighbor Baktahpur appear covered in a kind of fog mixed with the black smoke from the brick factories.
In these factories, multitudes of boys and girls are consumed trying to escape misery and demanding their RETURN TO THE CLASSROOMS.
In this Valley, time flows slowly between the noise of motorcycles and cars and mountains of garbage that sleep the sleep of oblivion.
Place where two religions coexist, Buddhist and Hindu, so it is possible to see temples of both along the Bagmati River. You can see the perception of Life, Death and Reincarnation of its devotees, including cremation on funeral pyres along the River.
The two cities stand out for the architectural wealth of past constructions, their jewelry, their crafts in silk, wool, metal, wood... And a neighborhood to recommend: Thamel
Preserves the essence of Kathmandu.
Nepal, a mirror in the sky in which a kind and hospitable smile is reflected.

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