Peru is a unique experience…

We started the trip in Lima, under its “donkey belly” sky, we visited the colonial and contemporary part, we tasted a good ceviche at the “Estrella Náutica” in the same Pacific, we visited the shocking Catacombs of San Francisco, typical Baroque of Lima and from there we headed to Puno. Puno has the privilege of being on the shores of Lake Titicaca, of indescribable beauty and here we wage our war on altitude sickness. Sometimes it is worth doing touristy things like visiting the floating villages of the Uros, simple, hospitable, smiling people who made us forget for a while the seasickness we were experiencing.

From Puno to Cusco to ascend to the imposing and majestic City of Machu Pichu. A gift from the Gods, this sacred city offers you a stunning panoramic view, but one of the cities that has captivated me the most is Cusco, full of cathedrals and churches and with an Inca past that vindicates its origins. In Cusco we recommend buying all the Andean crafts: sweaters, bags, wool...

And now comes the best of our trip: Colombia

Bogotá: an idyllic destination

The Candelaria neighborhood with the Botero Museum, this neighborhood will make you fall in love with its narrow, cobbled streets, its colors. From the Monserrate hill you can see a spectacular panoramic view: we bought some beautiful pre-Columbian art bracelets and Botero replicas.

We arrive at the end of our trip: Cartagena de Indias

The city twinned with our little silver cup. Colonial city famous for the color of its houses, it is one of those places that spreads “the good vibes” the friendliness of its people and of course, stroll through all the stalls of the Old Prison where all the crafts of the place are exhibited.

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